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Designed by a professional designer with rich sensitivity

A professional designer with a strong sense will take the ideology into consideration and design the layout. Carefully designed, such as exquisite photo trimming and letter arrangement seen by professional eyes, so the degree of perfection as a work is different. In addition, you can freely create your favorite works as you wish by using various optional services. <Haiku Photo Panel> is truly an artistic interior art for you.

Coordinate your own frame

For the frame, use a high-quality forehead made of natural wood and a paper mat. You can freely choose from 5 sizes / 4 types and 2 types of paper mats, so you can create a nice interior art that suits your haiku and photos. The basic size is a quarter size. Please feel free to contact us as we have a large amount of forehead sizes and different types of foreheads.

Great as a memorial or gift

Combining photos with haiku selected at haiku associations, haiku magazines, newspaper hadan corners, etc., and adding haiku to photos selected in photo contests, etc. to make a <Haiku Photo Panel> deepens your excitement. It will be a satisfying work. And it is not a dream to open a solo exhibition in the future if many works are available. Also, if you give it to a wedding gift, Father's Day / Mother's Day, birthday celebration, housewarming, etc., it will surely become a wonderful gift.

Haiku photo panel offers a variety of unique options

We offer various optional services to improve the completeness of the work. Rest assured that we will listen to your request and a professional designer will handle it.

Please try.

You don't have to write it yourself. An experienced calligrapher will write your haiku with tasty brush letters. You can choose from four types.

Even if you couldn't take the photo well, you can get it as you want if you get it professionally. Professional designers carefully modify various photos to bring them back to life.

By scanning the haikus, haikus, and inscriptions that you have written yourself on strips or colored paper, you can convert them into data that can be used with the <Haiku Photo Panel>.

We will help you create a collection of haiku that is the culmination of haiku life. If you save the data, it is easy to make a phrasebook. It can also be used for calendars and seasonal postcards.

I will explain how to complete your <Haiku Photo Panel>.

Customer's voice

The happy voices of customers who use <Haiku Photo Panel> have been continuously received.

俳句フォトパネル お客様の声1

福井県 T. 佳子様

歳時記 俳句
俳句フォトパネル お客様の声2

群馬県 A. 忠雄様

熊本県 Y. 孝子様


北海道 K. 勇様



岡山県 T. 光子様


新潟県 M. 定男様


兵庫県 S. 真帆様


静岡県 T. 貞夫様


東京都 Y. 端様



Now with a digital camera

Let's start a new haiku life!

Recently, photography has become more familiar with digital cameras and smartphones.

Now, at that moment, that moment is a photo opportunity. The scenery of familiar towns and parks,

Beautiful scenery of the destination, flowers and pets in the garden at home, daily events, etc.

Photo opportunities are always in front of me. "I want to express this cut even in haiku."

I'm sure you'll meet the scenes you think on a daily basis.

Now, let's enjoy haiku and photography more casually, first take a picture as you like,

Let's create a new art work.

撮る 詠む
俳句フォトパネル カメラ 撮影
俳句フォトパネル カメラ 撮影
Let's try various themes.
◉ Kacho Fugetsu ◉ Journey ◉ Animals ◉ Sea & Mountain ◉ Town & Town ◉ Sky
◉ Food ◉ People ◉ Children ◉ Love ◉ Personal history

If you decide your own theme other than the ones listed above, you can take pictures while having fun, and you will improve quickly. It is also a recommended theme to make <personal history> by making photos of old memories.

Let's try various themes.

日本 大阪府吹田市津雲台

KOKUBUNDO will pursue the diversity of Japanese literature in the future, including haiku photo panels.